1 > ReBrand Launch event installations -  District Docklands Mall, MelbournE
The District Docklands mall in South Melbourne was renovated in 2017 to bring more retail to the newly developed harbour-side area; rebranding with the campaign 'Imagine Different'. Dot Dot Dash provided the launch event & decor and activities across the entire mall, including the children's community garden created nearby.  
photo credits: Simon Shiff for DDD
These 3 little house installations were created to embody the spirit of the campaign, and stand out around the centre by using the new bright yellow primary colour. The house-shaped frameworks represent the community feeling that the management want to promote with this rebrand and they contain different magical, fun photo-ops for customers to engage with and subsequently share on social.
2  > Priceline Pharmacy Beauty Experience @ Melbourne Fashion Week
Visualising a HIGH Impact, High FASHION Beauty bar
Priceline Pharmacy partnered with Dot Dot Dash to create a luxury beauty bar experience at Melbourne Fashion Festival. The aesthetic was inspired by the open and airy structure of this contemporary marquee, the primary brand pink, and a contemporary take on the vintage chic of the beverly hills hotel; velvet, tiled floors and palms.  My involvement was at the initial design stages of this project:  concept mood, space-planning and visual concepts for the beauty bar areas, central photo-op arch feature and signage options for the facade.
3 > Lunar new year ACtivations - Chadstone & Emporium MAlls, Melbourne
Chadstone Fashion Capital, in partnership with Union Pay, briefed Dot Dot Dash to create an activation to celebrate Lunar New Year and engage with their asian customers.  This concept of an oversize abstract flower garden, fringing hanging like vines, was designed to be explored with a prize-winning game in the centre.  I worked on the second stage; developing this concept further by adding in isolated audio under certain flowers, integrating the lit signage and as well as working on customer flow, visuals and technical plans.
Emporium Mall also briefed Dot Dot Dash to create a Lunar New Year installation for customers. Following the tradition of fortune predictions at the start of a new lunar year; we created a self-led experience, where shoppers were encouraged to enter a pagoda structure and 'find your fortune'  for the year ahead. To avoid the red heavily used in other locations, gloss black wood & gold were used for the majority of the structure - inspired by the luxury of fine chinoiserie style furniture. Spinning lanterns were created to show the love & fortune predictions of each lunar animal sign for the year ahead.


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