WElcome to berlin
Applying the new brand direction, assets and colours for the first time outside of the US & externally, was a great chance to develop the new branding from playbook to reality. With an increased range of colour to play with, I developed an identity that would use the new forms in bold contrast across flags and the entrance tunnel to the industrial E-werk Berlin venue.
Register BOlD & refreshing COlour 
Working with the 3D designer to bring the new branding to life across all touchpoints around the venue, ensuring that the forms and assets followed the guidelines yet remained playful. This included all applied graphic decor & directional systems as well as working up a visual idea for the registration area wall structure and freestanding wayfinding totems.
networking shaped playfully
As well as creating a graphic system that was functional, there were many opportunities to bring graphic elements into the decor, supporting the 3D elements and adding continuation of the new branding through the space and printed collateral such as lanyards and badges. This helped to create a fun, colourful environment to network in between talks.
Animated speakerS
A welcome animation & speaker slides were required for the plenary stage. Android's brief was to create an illustrative style using the new brand assets and reference the location. Using the simple geometry to build up elements around a Berlin cityscape, the android robots ride into the city via the S-bhan train and take a ride up in the E-werk hot air balloon. The illustrations were also used on E-vites and around the venue.
Spot The BOT
A directional signage language was developed for use across the venue, using a mix of the outline and filled shapes to guide people from the main 2 halls to the meeting rooms and VIP meeting lounge in another area of the venue. The patterns were continued into the meeting spaces and the familiar android head could be found peeking out of door & lift signage to help take delegates find their way.
up to the VIP skylounge
The Skylounge was the VIP meeting space for the summit & location for the day 1 evening soiree. To brighten up the lift, a bespoke illustration was created for the doors, referencing the E-Werk balloon skyline. Menus & table talkers were designed for the lounge as well as the main refreshment hall.
Closing Party
At the end of the summit the delegates enjoyed a closing party off-site at 25 Hours hotel; enjoying the DJ, food  drinks and take-away android goodies with views of the city. Android branding was woven into the space around the decks with bespoke vinyl covers designed to slot into the existing display. Cheeky robots were also spotted driving the old East Berlin Trabi cars, found parked up outside the E-werk building entrance.
Save the date for 2020 (21)
The event was a great success, with praise coming from the Android Global brand team on how the new branding had been developed across all applications, securing the summit for another year. This save-the-date emailer was designed for the 2020 summit. The trabi will hopefully pull up outside E-werk again in 2021.


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